Upstream Oil & Gas
ABUTEC offers industry-leading technology for the upstream oil and gas segment. Our proprietary technology was designed to provide flexible and cost-competitive solutions while taking into consideration new Quad O compliance standards for the oil and gas industry.
Oil & Gas Production (Enclosed Combustors)
Tank Batteries/Storage Tanks
Oil & Gas Produced Water

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Midstream Oil & Gas
At ABUTEC, we understand the unique challenges that accompany transporting oil to refineries. Among those challenges is environmental responsibility to the communities in which oil and gas companies operate. Our enclosed combustors meet or exceed increasingly stringent state and federal regulations and allow companies to operate in extreme conditions.
Marine Loading Terminal
Truck Loading Combustor
Railroad Loading Combustor

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ABUTEC offers industry-leading technology for landfills. In fact, high-quality, ultra-low NOx, landfill gas flares are our specialty. We design to meet your needs, and our experts work with you to ensure compliance with all emission regulations through compact and price-competitive flare solutions.
Leachate Evaporation
Siloxane Destruction
Landfill Gas Combustor

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ABUTEC’s combined heat and power (CHP) gas-to-energy systems are aimed at converting biomethane, swamp gas, landfill gas or digester gas – commonly known as biogases – into clean, cost-effective energy.
Siloxane Destruction
Wastewater Treatment + Anaerobic Digester
Digester Gas

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Other Industries
Whether your focus is mine gas, alternative energy, syn gas or something else, ABUTEC offers compact, price-competitive solutions to fit your needs.
Mine Gas
Ethanol Loadout
Refinery & Petrochemical
Gas Processing Facility
CDM + Kyoto Protocol

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ABUTEC and Venture Engineering Create and Customize Natural Gas Liquid Adsorption System

A natural gas production company located in the Marcellus Shale was facing two distinct problems – wet gas and the gas having a less than three percent liquid makeup. Read More


ABUTEC Works with DC Water on Waste-to-Energy Project

DC Water, located in Washington D.C., operates as the largest wastewater treatment facility in the country. The enormity of the DC Water operation is characterized by an average 100 million gallons of water pumped daily and 95 million gallons of treated water stored. Read More

SERVICE icon_service

ABUTEC representatives make service and maintenance our No. 1 priority. When you work with us, you can rest assured we’re with you every step of the way when it comes to your flare, enclosed combustor and burner needs.

MANUFACTURING icon_service

All ABUTEC products are manufactured in the U.S., ensuring quality at every turn. Our manufacturing team works hard to build the highest quality, safest products to meet your needs.

RENTAL UNITS icon_service

ABUTEC offers flexible rental programs, whether you need a month-to-month or multi-year contract. We can help on both routine and emergency situations, no matter your industry.

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ABUTEC products are efficient, reliable combustion solutions, no matter your industry.


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Our Flare Units Worldwide

Dickinson, North Dakota

Our HTF is used to load railcars without polluting the environment when loading.

Channelview, Texas

Four ABUTEC HTFs allowed Targa Resources to become Coast Guard compliant.

Kalamazoo, Michigan

A customized ABUTEC MTF worked hand-in-hand for a Bell’s Brewery waste-to-energy project.


ABUTEC 200s are a key component in this Colorado drilling site.

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