The ABUTEC 200 was developed with the largest exploration and production facilities in mind. Able to function at high capacity in even the most remote locations, the ABUTEC 200 is a state-of-the-art combustion solution.

The ABUTEC 200 is a reliable method of combusting even the largest amounts of vapors, and can become part of a customized system tailored to fit your location. Additionally, the ABUTEC 200 is easy to install, and can handle the toughest environmental conditions.

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Key Features of the ABUTEC 200:

  • Local Service Team availability
  • Quad O Compliant
  • Continuous pilot
  • Low Capital and Operating Costs
  • Flexible & Scalable System
  • 99%+ Destruction Efficiency (Independent 3rd party tested)
  • Very High Turndown Ratio
  • Scalable flow rates – from 100-200 MSCFD
  • Inlet pressure as low as 2oz/in² and up to 8oz/in²
  • Capable of 18,424,800 BTU/hour
  • TERO License from Three Affiliated Tribes
  • Solar Panel functionality
  • Profire 2100 Control Panel for standard units
  • SCADA integration with control panel for remote monitoring
  • Stainless steel construction

Customizing the ABUTEC 200

The ABUTEC 200 can be paired with the ABUTEC High Pressure (HP) units to give your site the high/low pressure solution it needs.

The HP 1500 and HP 3000 can be installed as a stand-alone unit, or paired with the ABUTEC 200 on the same skid or included on the same site on a different skid.

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