High Temperature Flare (HTF)

The ABUTEC HTF is the preferred combustion solution in every standard enclosed flare application, and is able to perform in even the harshest of environmental conditions. The high-quality design, versatility and superior customer service make the HTF a superior choice for emissions control within the oil & gas industry, the biogas industry and the wastewater industry. Because each HTF is fully customized, users are ensured a system that meets their specific requirements.

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Key Features of the HTF:

  • Two capacities offered, the 40 MW and 11.5MW, with varying flow rates
  • Completely Enclosed Combustion
  • Low NOx and CO emissions
  • Greater than 99.99% Destruction Efficiency
  • High Turndown Ratio
  • Offering Lowest Make-up Fuel Consumption

Customizing the HTF

ABUTEC can customize the HTF in any size to fit your sites application. The HTF can be customized up to 55.0MW and down to 1.0MW. Contact an ABUTEC representative to see what the combustion specialist can do for you.




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