Blower Skid System

ABUTEC flare customers can include a blower skid in their system package, which can supply pressure for better combustion, ensuring excellent flare performance. Skids can also contain other flare performance enhancers, including knockout pots to remove gas moisture, flow meters to monitor the amount of gas traveling through the pipe, gas composition analyzers to evaluate the gas, and pressure transmitters to ensure an adequate amount of pressure is going into the system. Blower skids from ABUTEC complete your flare package.

Blower Skids from ABUTEC are useful in a variety of applications, especially ones in which there isn’t enough pressure to move the gas effectively on its own. Landfills and Midstream oil and gas sites can both benefit from blower skids, and units can be customized depending on individual circumstances and instrumentation required. ABUTEC blower skid customers can receive as much or as little information about the operation as they desire.

Key Features of the Blower Skid System:

  • Increase blower pressure
  • Increase flare performance and turndown
  • Remove moisture from gas

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