HP/LP Integrated System

Dual Tip, Dual Efficiency

ABUTEC’s High Pressure/Low Pressure (HP/LP) integrated system is an ideal unit for facilities with dual-flow applications. The HP/LP system combines the power of our HP 1500 with the safety and reliability of our ABUTEC 20, ABUTEC 100 or ABUTEC 200.

Ideal for use with:

  • Multi-Pad Wells
  • High Flow Applications
  • Variable Flow Applications
  • Dual Flow Applications
  • Produced Gas and Storage Tank Vapors

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Key Features of the HP/LP Integrated System:

  • Combust produced gas (high pressure and high flow) as well as tank vapor (low pressure)
  • Capabilities to handle a wide flow range of Tank Gas vapors – as low as 5 MSCFD and greater than 200 MSCFD depending on Enclosed Combustor selection
  • Advanced design allows for high pressure burners, low pressure enclosed combustor, and pilot to be used as a complete unit or independent units

HP 1500 + ABUTEC 200

HP 3000 + ABUTEC 200

HP 3000 + ABUTEC 200

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