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As the need for reliable alternative energy sources increases, industries all over the world are looking for ways to fuel business while having the smallest impact on the environment. At ABUTEC, we’re proud to be part of this shifting focus on alternative energy sources, and offer solutions for waste-to-energy systems that can put waste gas to work for your plant.



ABUTEC Heat Recovery Flares let you utilize your waste heat by converting it to usable energy for your plant. This creates a real solution to energy problems and helps reduce costs to you by creating your own energy.



Repurposing harmful byproducts to create environmentally friendly energy sources is at the heart of the “green” movement. With ABUTEC Siloxane Flares, landfills not only burn off these toxic gasses, they can utilize that energy to help keep power costs down.



All ABUTEC systems, vapor combustors, landfill gas flares and solutions meet EPA regulation 40 CFR 60.18 and are BACT approved. Additionally, we offer ultra-low NOx, low emission, landfill gas flares that meet strict state and federal emissions standards. Our team of experts are knowledgeable about what’s required for landfill gas emission requirements, and will work with you to ensure you get the products you need.

Flaring Features

The Coca-Cola/Mas Energy Trigeneration Facility near Atlanta utilizes a waste-to-energy program to provide the power it needs to source its operations. It is estimated that through use of this regeneration technology, the facility will generate at least 48 million kWh of on-site renewable energy annually.

The Oxbow Elk Creek Mine in Somerset, Colo., has successfully utilized a waste-to-energy program to provide power to the Aspen Skiing Company. Elk Creek Mine uses flares to vent the harmful methane out of the mine and convert it into power.

ABUTEC Advantages


Companies that participate in a waste-to-energy program through the use of heat recovery flares reap the financial benefits of their decision quickly, through reduced power costs.


Participation in a waste-to-energy program increases efficiency at both the site of harmful gasses and at the plant, which benefits from the new energy source.


ABUTEC experts are able to design and engineer your entire waste-to-energy system, and will work with you to ensure you are efficient and compliant.


We understand that compliance with strict state and federal regulations is an integral part of your business. All ABUTEC systems meet EPA regulation 40 CFR 60.18 and are BACT approved.

How do I set up a Waste-to-Energy system at my facility?
ABUTEC representatives are well versed in working with our clients to develop an efficient, cost-effective Waste-to-Energy system. Contact ABUTEC today to learn more.
Is a Waste-to-Energy system safe for the environment?
Yes. In fact, a Waste-to-Energy system is much more environmentally friendly than the alternative of letting harmful waste gasses into the atmosphere.
Are Waste-to-Energy systems bright or loud?
No. Our Heat Recovery Flares produce no additional light, heat or noise.
How much can I save on my monthly energy bill by implementing a waste-to-energy program?
The amount each individual company can save on monthly energy bills by implementing a waste-to-energy program varies depending on the size of the landfill. However, our customers report that the cost of the system is recouped in the form of energy bill savings remarkably quickly.

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Product Line Comparison


  • EPA 40 CFR 60, Subpart OOOO
  • Meets Most Stringent Regulations
  • Completely Enclosed Combustion
  • NOx less than 0.024 lbs/mmBTU
  • CO less than 0.009 lbs/mmBTU
  • 99.99% Destruction Efficiency
  • Very High Turndown Ratio
  • Only requires 150 btu/ft3 gas to maintain combustion
  • Are you concerned with Best Available Control Technology (BACT) and Title V Operating Permits? Are emission caps, non attainment areas, and cap & trade programs unknown or not fully understood? ABUTEC can alleviate your concerns with our Low Emission Flare (LEF), the industry’s lowest emission Vapor Combustor system, which offers superior emission reductions. Our proprietary premix burner technology is designed to offer very fast combustion while maintaining 0.6 seconds resonance time and a full 10:1 turndown throughout the entire range of operation.


  • Completely Enclosed Combustion
  • Low NOx and CO emissions
  • Greater than 99.99% Destruction Efficiency
  • Full 10:1 Turndown without Gas Booster
  • Offering Lowest Make-up Fuel Consumption
  • Only requires 180 btu/ft3 gas to maintain combustion
  • High Quality, Flexibility, Low Emissions, BACT Compliant, CSA Approved, and able to burn very low calorific gas all describe ABUTEC’s High Temperature Flare. Proven in all applications and more cost competitive than traditional enclosed flares or vapor combustors. We save you money while meeting all regulations!
  • The High Temperature Flare is the preferred solution for Landfill Gas Flares, Biogas Flares, Enclosed Flares, Vapor Combustors, Mine Gas Incinerators, Wastewater Treatment Digester Gas, and every other standard enclosed flare application or Ultra Low NOx application. Contact us today to learn more about the best solution for your needs.
  • The HTF Enclosed Flare has achieved less than 0.025 lbs/mmBTU NOx and greater than 99.99% destruction efficiency in recent 3rd party emission tests! This is truly industry leading and touted by many government and local regulators.

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