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Siloxane Corrosion
Siloxane Corrosion 2

As contents of landfills decompose, they release siloxanes, non-toxic compounds that are frequently added to consumer products, such as detergents, shampoos, deodorants (to improve texture and feel), cosmetics, paper coatings and many textiles. While some siloxanes quickly volatilize into the atmosphere, others remain present and can be found in the biogas.

Siloxanes have damaging effects on landfill equipment, potentially causing costly corrosion. With some researchers estimating that siloxanes are at every landfill site in North America and Europe, landfill operators and gas-to-energy project managers are spending more time investigating siloxane levels. Newer landfills are more likely to result in higher concentrations of siloxanes, due to consumer consumption and the increase of siloxane use in consumer goods.

Use of an ABUTEC Siloxane Flare, or “off-gas flare,” can turn a potentially corrosive situation into a positive gas-to-energy project. These flares can burn siloxanes and, in combination with a siloxane removal system, can feed the byproducts back into the power grid, creating less harmful waste and a green solution to wasted energy.



Because siloxanes can damage expensive equipment, including combustion engines and turbines, use of an ABUTEC siloxane flare can burn off these compounds, saving your infrastructure and avoiding costly repairs and replacements.



Siloxanes form silica and silicate deposits, which are difficult to remove from equipment. This can lead to the abrasion of engine parts and often result in changes to the combustion chamber. In some cases, this induces higher emissions of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, possibly violating air emissions regulations.



Addition of siloxanes to consumer products (such as detergents, shampoos, deodorants, cosmetics and paper coatings) is expected to increase as consumption and demand increases. Stay on top of managing your infrastructure by proactively installing an ABUTEC Siloxane Flare.

Flaring Features

The Coca-Cola/Mas Energy Trigeneration Facility near Atlanta utilizes siloxane regeneration technology from a nearby landfill to provide the energy needed to source its operations. It is estimated that through use of this regeneration technology, the facility will generate at least 48 million kWh of on-site renewable energy annually. Download case study.

The ABUTEC siloxane regeneration flare was also used in the Taylor County Landfill, the largest landfill gas-to-electricity project in the state of Georgia.

ABUTEC Advantages


Use of an ABUTEC Siloxane Flare can help your landfill site maintain compliance with state and federal regulations.


When space is at a premium, Siloxane Flares from ABUTEC are a compact solution for landfills. Designed for unique landfill gas needs in a range of sizes, our Siloxane Flares fit your unique space requirements.


ABUTEC understands that many landfills require environmentally friendly products for emergency or shutdown conditions. That’s why our Siloxane Flares create a “green” solution for your landfill gas needs.


ABUTEC’s Siloxane Flares have a standardized unit that is field proven to provide low emissions, and able to run on raw biogas. Our Siloxane Flares have a track record of success.


Flares used in the Landfill industry, including High Temperature Flares and Siloxane Flares, have been proven in the field time and again.


ABUTEC flare experts offer our clients a vast array of knowledge about flares and industry regulations. Count on us to provide you with the most up-to-date information about landfill compliance issues.


  • Completely Enclosed Combustion
  • Low NOx and CO emissions
  • Greater than 99.99% Destruction Efficiency
  • Full 10:1 Turndown without Gas Booster
  • Offering Lowest Make-up Fuel Consumption
  • Only requires 180 btu/ft3 gas to maintain combustion
  • High Quality, Flexibility, Low Emissions, BACT Compliant, CSA Approved, and able to burn very low calorific gas all describe ABUTEC’s High Temperature Flare. Proven in all applications and more cost competitive than traditional enclosed flares or vapor combustors. We save you money while meeting all regulations!
  • The High Temperature Flare is the preferred solution for Landfill Gas Flares, Biogas Flares, Enclosed Flares, Vapor Combustors, Mine Gas Incinerators, Wastewater Treatment Digester Gas, and every other standard enclosed flare application or Ultra Low NOx application. Contact us today to learn more about the best solution for your needs.
  • The HTF Enclosed Flare has achieved less than 0.025 lbs/mmBTU NOx and greater than 99.99% destruction efficiency in recent 3rd party emission tests! This is truly industry leading and touted by many government and local regulators.

How do I decide which flare unit meets the required regulations?
All ABUTEC flares meet and exceed required U.S. EPA regulations. ABUTEC’s experts are well versed in all aspects of required regulations, and can guide you through the process of selecting the flare that best suits your needs.
How much energy can be created from burning siloxane in my landfill?
The amount of energy created from burning siloxane in your landfill is determined by the size of the landfill and by its general components. ABUTEC experts can visit your site and give you more specific guidelines on a case-by-case basis.
How much does the Siloxane Removal Flare cost?
Costs for individual units depend on the specifications of each unit. An ABUTEC flare expert can give you a more accurate price based on your specific needs.
Where is the best location for a Siloxane Removal Flare?
Your ABUTEC representative will work with you to determine the most effective location for your Siloxane Removal Flare.

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