Midstream Oil & Gas

Midstream Oil and Gas

At ABUTEC, we understand the unique challenges that accompany transporting oil to refineries within the midstream oil and gas segment. Among those challenges is environmental responsibility to the communities in which oil and gas companies operate.

ABUTEC is the leader in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art combustion technology for the midstream oil and gas segment, including railcar, truck and barge loading facilities. Our enclosed combustors meet or exceed increasingly stringent state and federal regulations and allow companies to operate in extreme conditions.

Marine Loading Terminal
Truck Loading Combustor
Railroad Loading Combustor

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ABUTEC understands that compliance with emissions regulations is paramount for our customers. In accordance with EPA regulations, all combustion control devices must reduce site emissions to less than six tons yearly with a 95% destruction device. ABUTEC’s enclosed combustors are compliance ready and exceed all Quad O standards with greater than 99% destruction and removal efficiency (DRE).



All ABUTEC combustors are tested and certified for the Quad O regulation and operate at 99% DRE. Surpassing the current EPA requirements is significant because of the projected raise from 95% to 98% in the coming years. Waste emitted from an ABUTEC combustor is 21 times cleaner than unburned methane, is smokeless, odorless, and produces no light pollution or radiant heat.



ABUTEC burners are manufactured to withstand extreme climate conditions. Temperatures of -30 degrees Fahrenheit with wind-chill factors as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit make it difficult to control the combustion process. However, ABUTEC engineers utilize remote monitoring and programming capabilities to provide a 99-percent DRE, even in the most extreme climates.

ABUTEC Advantages


Our proprietary design provides a completely enclosed flame, temperature monitoring and control and data logging of key parameters.


ABUTEC’s solar panel packages allow for combustor installation and operation without a power supply, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure.


ABUTEC offers unmatched field service and will deliver, commission and maintain your system.


All of ABUTEC’s enclosed combustors have passed third-party testing and have exceeded the EPA Quad O compliance standards with greater than 99% DRE.


ABUTEC’s data logging feature allows the user to record and track the performance of our enclosed combustor operations.


ABUTEC’s technology allows you to control VOC emissions from compressor engines, pump jack engines, dehydrators, oil and condensate storage tanks, oil and condensate loading facilities, equipment maintenance and pipeline blow down.

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