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ABUTEC has carved a niche by providing turnkey MVCS solutions to the midstream sector. This sector typically utilizes our High Temperature Flares (HTF) in conjunction with Berthside Safety Units and Blower Skids, providing the industry’s lowest emission vapor combustion solution. High temperature, high retention times and high turndown ratios ensure complete vapor combustion throughout the loading operation.

Because of increased potential hazards related to the loading of barges and vessels, marine loading facilities are highly regulated. These hazards include vessel overfill, oil spillage and fire, which pose significant threats to the environment and personnel.

Additionally, ABUTEC uses natural gas enrichment to ensure safe transport of normally explosive vapors from the Berthside Safety Unit to the Blower Skid, adhering to U.S. Coast Guard guidelines. The ability to receive Liquid Seal Exemptions by providing safe, non-flashback systems reduces maintenance concerns.

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ABUTEC understands that compliance with emissions regulations is paramount for our customers. In accordance with EPA regulations, all combustion control devices must reduce site emissions to less than six tons yearly with a 95% destruction device. ABUTEC’s enclosed combustors are compliance ready and exceed all Quad O standards with greater than 99% destruction and removal efficiency (DRE).



All ABUTEC combustors are tested and certified for the Quad O regulation and operate at 99% DRE. Surpassing the current EPA requirements is significant because of the projected raise from 95% to 98% in the coming years. Waste emitted from an ABUTEC combustor is 21 times cleaner than unburned methane, is smokeless, odorless, and produces no light pollution or radiant heat.



ABUTEC understands that safety is paramount when it comes to marine loading terminals. Our enclosed combustion units meet current regulations enforced by the United States Coast Guard, including all third-party inspection and certification.

Key Features of the HTF for the marine loading sector

  • The Industry’s lowest emission vapor combustion solution
  • Automated control system
  • U.S. Coast Guard Liquid Seal Exemption
  • No maintenance requirements when dealing with “dirty” water

ABUTEC Advantages


ABUTEC’s enclosed technology offers a complete enclosed frame, temperature monitoring and control, data logging of key parameters (such as temperature, pressure and run time as well as TCEQ-required stack oxygen monitoring) and fully automatic operation.



ABUTEC offers complete Marine Vapor Control Systems (MVCS) that include Berthside Safety Units and Blower Skids. Unit gas enrichment systems, knockout pots, filters, detonation arrestors and shutdown valves are the basic components of these packages that precede the combustor systems.



  • Meets USCG Requirements
  • Completely Enclosed Combustion
  • NOx less than 0.024 lbs/mmBTU
  • CO less than 0.009 lbs/mmBTU
  • 99.99% Destruction Efficiency
  • Very High Turndown Ratio
How do I know what size combustor I need?
Choosing the right combustor is based upon the incoming flow rate in ft3/hour and the gas composition. The critical information is the heating value, or BTU, of the processed gas measured in BTU/ft3. Adding together the BTU/ft3 and the flow rate gives you the burning rate, measured in BTU/hour. Based on this information, you will be able to select the right combustor for your needs. And of course, ABUTEC sales representatives are always available to answer your questions.
What other technology is included with an enclosed combustor?
ABUTEC’s enclosed combustor design includes a completely enclosed flame, temperature monitoring and control, data logging of key parameters (such as temperature, pressure and run time) and fully automated operation. This technology allows users to record and track the performance of our enclosed combustor operations.
How can an enclosed combustor help my company?
Use of enclosed combustors is an integral piece of the extraction and transportation process. It allows companies to operate safely and affordably in extreme conditions while also complying with strict EPA regulations.
How do I maintain an enclosed combustor?
ABUTEC offers unmatched field service and will deliver, commission and maintain your system. We also offer several rental packages and provide onsite startup services.
How many combustors can our site have?
ABUTEC enclosed combustors, incinerators and rental flares are designed to provide up to 4.5 million scfd in one system with the ability to add multiple systems for higher flow rates. We can accommodate any combustor need your company may have.

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