Field Service

At ABUTEC, we work every day to provide the best possible service to our customers. This means working nights, holidays, weekends – whatever it takes to satisfy your needs. In the field, we work in all types of elements – from extreme cold and rain to excessive heat and more – to maintain your flares and bring you the high quality service you deserve.

ABUTEC’s field service team offers installation expertise for all of our products. Customers can choose from two installation options:

  • On-site installation by the ABUTEC field service team
  • Self-installation by your own service team

ABUTEC’s field service team is dedicated to maintaining our products. We handle and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, including valve, relay switch, pressure switch and transmitter issues. Our service evolves with the most recent advances in technology, meaning there is never any interruption in the level of service that you receive.


On-site flare training is just part of what you get with ABUTEC’s field service. Our experts will work with your entire team on safety protocol and training on troubleshooting, problem solving, the ignition process and what to do if a flare goes down before an ABUTEC service technician can get to your site.


No location is too remote for the ABUTEC team to service and monitor your flares. We offer remote monitoring to give you the safety and peace of mind you deserve.


ABUTEC offers renewable one-year service agreements that include 24/7 on-call assistance. This means our technicians strive to be at your site within 24 hours of receiving your call for assistance. This warranty begins the day of start-up.


ABUTEC’s field service team takes care of everything – from shipping and transportation to maintenance and repairs – to ensure you have the best service possible. Our team is dedicated to reliability and customer satisfaction.

At ABUTEC, unparalleled service is our top priority. Our field representatives know our products inside and out, and are able to assist you in any way possible to ensure you’re running at peak performance.

“We work incredibly hard to take care of our customers.”
– ABUTEC field services manager John McGill
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